What is a great view worth?

A beautiful lake or landscape view is not only a pleasure but also increases the value of your property. Do you have a hidden view? 

To be able to see as far as your eyes can, is both an expensive and desired luxury commodity. We at Solutsikt (Sunview) want to help house- and property owners to get a fantastic sea or landscape view – but for just a fraction of the cost. Our Sunview terrace – Sunset Balcony – enables you to get nearly 10 meters (30 ft) up in the air which will give you this magical view from your garden.

Did you know that real estate agents, in larger city areas, estimate that a sea view is worth over 20% more. A simple example is a house WITHOUT a Seaview is worth 1 million dollars, the neighbor across the street with a same house WITH a Seaview is worth 1,2 million dollars. A price increase of 200.000 dollars for just the view. There is no doubt that real estate agents and people in common agree on that the view has a great affect on the property value.

What kind of view do you have?

Are you curious of what view potential your garden could have?

We can come to your house, property or summer cottage, and make a 360-degree film of your potential view 10 meters (30 ft) up.
Please contact us for arranging a camera drone filming at your place.

The sun makes us happy

There is no coincidence that the sun makes us happy. The sunlight has many positive effects on us, our body and wellbeing. Let us explain why.

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What is a great view worth?

If you haven’t heard of sky glamping before we can tell you that it is a unique and thrilling experience. Glamping means glamorous camping and has become an increasing trend recent year.

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Sky glamping

Skyglamping är en unik och häftig upplevelse!

Ordet Glamping betyder glamorous (glamorös) camping och har blivit en växande trend de senaste åren…

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