Delivery information and technical facts

Sunset Balcony is very stable, strong, and safe. It is produced according to certified methods, has EG-type control certificate No. 0404/20/2547 is CE marked and follows the EN280 standard. A copy of the certificate and EG-endorsement of conformity, user and technical documentation is included at delivery. For more information on security and approval documentation etc. please contact Solutsikt AB (

The fence and stairs on the balcony follows equivalent rules for fences and stairs for handicap persons (width of gates allows wheelchairs but must be lifted to the balcony or handicap ramps can be used) and children. The fence around the balcony on the ground is a security measure to avoid that someone can come near the lifting parts of the balcony when used. It is important that the fence and gates are secured when the balcony is in working operation.

When delivering Sunset Balcony to the user a short training in the use, security and maintenance of the equipment is held. There are clear instructions and warning signs on the balcony and included wind- and heigh meters should be used if it is windy. The balcony should not be elevated if the wind is over 12m/s. The balcony should not be elevated by children under the age of 18. The charging level of the batteries should be checked before use (especially if solar cell charged). You should also have a cell phone with you to call for help if forced going down is needed (no power) which is operated from ground level. You should also have a support telephone number to some nearby service provider (should be noted on the balcony). Special service agreements can be arranged. For further information see the included user guide.

  • Delivery - Sunset Balcony is delivered all over the world. The price varies depending on the delivery place. Ask for price or quotation. It will be delivered and place on the agreed address or plot with fence and stairs etc. It is required that it is possible to drive to the desired place and that the ground is stable level. Additional work for passage and ground is not included (the exact place should be examined before delivery – preferably at the same time as when filming the view by a camera drone). 
  • Different furniture or fence etc. – Ask for a quotation. Please note that the included furniture are specially selected to be light weight (aluminum etc.) and to fit in the available space and measures. 
  • Electricity – Sunset Balcony is battery power (12 volts) and charged by the included 230 V charger. Solar cell power for charging can be separately ordered.
  • Hydraulics – is driven by the batteries (low-current). The hydraulic oil works to about 0-degrees (at lower temperature the oil might need changing)
  • Delivery time is normally 3-4 months if we do not have sufficient stocks in Sweden. We have high-capacity serial production including adjustments/testing according to our certificates.
  • Wind- and height meters are included
  • Stairs are included (different models) unless otherwise agreed
  • Technical descriptions and service manuals etc. are included
  • Moving and transportation of Sunset Balcony: Towing by a car (towing hook) on the plot/locally (low speed) or on road by trailer or lorry. The weight is approximately 2500 kg (5500 lb). It is important that the ground is somewhat level and steady for the adjustable supporting legs (or protection plates might be needed).

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