Sunset Balcony is very stable, strong, and safe. It is produced according to certified methods, has EG-type control certificate No. 0404/20/2547 is CE marked and follows the EN280 standard. A copy of the certificate and EG-endorsement of conformity, user and technical documentation is included at delivery. For more information on security and approval documentation etc. please contact Solutsikt AB (sol@solutsikt.se). säkerhet för mer information.

No – generally not. Sunset Balcony is mobile on wheels and easily movable and the size is under 10 m2. It is also normally in down position. If you want Sunset Balcony permanently placed by your house or in your wooden deck etc.
It might require some type of building permit. The rules are however different in different countries and local areas.

You have the right to have Sunset Balcony in your garden unless there are special rules or special building permit approval. The rules are usually also the same as for flying drones and look out over the landscape. However, you are not allowed to take pictures of your neighbours home and persons without their permission. A good relationship with your neighbours is always nice and useful. We recommend you to tell them about Sunset Balcony and why not invite them for a coffee or drink. Maybe you can even discuss security cooperation between neighbours.

When renting the balcony from us we charge a fixed start cover for delivery, picking up and possible adjustments of the place. Then a daily or weekly cost is added depending on the customer choice.

Additional to the actual balcony is a wind- and height meter, wooden floor, a hammock, furniture, stairs, fence (on the ground) a special large parasol (Glatz from Switzerland), a cover, battery charger, technical specifications, user guide and other documentation as well as an education in using and maintaining the product. 

There is a 1 year guarantee and direct numbers to your service provider and sales person.

We offer free camera drown filming if your address is nearby our offices/representatives. Please contact us for filming at other areas.

The platform has a max load of 665 kg (1468 lb). This means the furniture and maximum 7 persons. 

Yes but it should be properly covered with the parasol pushed down and the cover applied, especially when rainy and windy. It should be services and maintained according to the user guide.

If you want to use Sunset Balcony in freezing temperature

the hydraulic oil might need to be changed to a thinner type of oil.

That is fine a practical but might require building permit. Different rules apply to different areas and countries.

Yes but only up to 12m/s when it is stops being pleasant and higher wind is not allowed.

A wind- and height meter is included for easy use.

No don’t worry about that. When creating Sunset Balcony we made it as silent as possible (tested with a Decibel meter) to make it a pleasant experience. When going down the last litle bit a small warning sound is heard a few seconds.

The Sunset Balcony platform goes 8 meters (26 ft) up. In addition, comes your own height so it adds up to nearly 10 meters

Yes – the hydraulics are powered via batteries (low current) which are charged by a 230 V charger. Charging via solar cell are available as an addition.

Sunset Balcony is moved by a car with a towing hook on your plot or short distances in low speed. For longer transport a trailer or lorry is used. The weight is about 2500 kg (5500 lb.

In Sweden we are partners with SVEA leasing. Ask us for a quotation. We are sure we can assist you if you want leasing or installment payments in other countries – please contact us.

It is important that Sunset Balcony is placed on even and stable ground and or ground plates under the adjustable supporting legs. The balcony should then be level under 1,5 degrees.

Delivery time is normally 3-4 months.

We might at times have Sunset Balcony in stock which can make delivery much time shorter. We have high-capacity serial production including the adjustments/testing according to our certificates.

We deliver worldwide. The shipment cost depends on delivery port and address.

The delivery is made to your plot including all parts. It is expected that the ground is level and stable and that you can drive or tow into the position. Additional work might be required for leveling and cutting trees etc. If it is not possible to drive or tow Sunset Balcony to the position a crane can in most places lift it to the right position.

Have you read our FAQ and still have questions? Contact us!

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