Purchasing information

Here you will find purchasing information from Solutsikt AB. If you need more information, please contact us for our purchase agreement document or ask us any questions.

Applicable law

The general purchasing rules are based on Swedish law. For private customers this is “Konsumentköplagen” and “Distansavtalslagen” and for companies “Köplagen”. For all conditions and details see Solutsikt AB’s “Purchase Agreement” in English or our “Köpeavtal” in Swedish. 

Order and purchase

Normally orders are handled by quotation by e-mail and signed purchase agreement. The customer must be over 18 years or have a parent’s approval. If you order in someone else’s name without their approval causing damage for us we must report this to the police. 

When placing the order, you must pay 15% in advance. The remaining amout must be paid before or on delivery.


All prices will be sent as a quotation via e-mail including payment conditions. Please contact us for a quotation. Disclaimer clause for any errors by mistake in price and other purchasing information.


Terms of delivery and delivery time

We normally deliver within 3-4 months if not anything else is agreed. On very high demand or market disturbances the delivery time might be longer. However we try to have some Balconies in stock which makes delivery time much shorter. Please check with us on more exact delivery time.

The buyer has the duty to investigate the goods on arrival for any faults of missing items as soon as possible and within 7 days. If complaints are not forwarded to us in time the customer might lose the right for compensation cancelling of the purchase. If faults are discovered the goods should not be used until the matter is solved.

Cancelling of order

If the customer cancels an order, it must be made before delivery but then the15% pre-payment, covering our cost, will not be paid back. Cancelling of special orders (containing nonstandard or nonstock parts or details) cannot be cancelled as described above. A cancellation is not valid until confirmed by Solutsikt AB.

Regretting of order and return of goods

If regretting your order, as a private person, according to “distansavtalslagen”, you must do so within 14 days but after 7 days from arrival of the gods. You must in such a case contact us via e-mail and we will investigate if it is applicable for regretting the order/delivery. The cost for returning the goods to us, in this case, is paid by the customer. The goods must be packed according to our recommendations.

In cases when the goods can not be used as expected, or when the “regretting” is not valid, repurchase from Solutsikt can in some cases be arranged anyway. If Solutsikt AB accepts the re-purchase, the customer must pay all shipping, delivery, and assembly costs. In such cases 20% of the purchase cost is withheld by Solutsikt AB for covering the return of goods.


Outgoing from our purchase information (including our Purchase agreement) and according to the Swedish “consumentköplagen” a private person has two (2) years’ time for complaints regardless of the guarantee time for the gods. Any complaint should be made within reasonable time from when discovered. If a complaint is made after the guarantee time it must be proved that the fault was presnt already at delivery. It is also a pre-condition that the goods is handled and used according to the user guide, the training course provided at delivery, and other documents delivered with the goods.

Solutsikt AB reserves the right of replacing faulty goods with similar goods if identical goods is not available at the moment (e.g., furniture for the balcony).

Dispute and applicable law

Any eventual dispute, when the customer is a private person, Solutsikt AB has as a policy to follow ARN (Swedish consumer complaints organization). For all eventual disputes, from private persons and companies, we prioritize a mediator acceptable to both the customer and Solutsikt AB.ARN) Disputes between two or several companies will otherwise be solved at Swedish court in Stockholm. For more details se our purchase agreement in Swedish or English.

Force Majeure

In our purchase information here it is described what is considered as force majeure. War, strikes, work stoppages, commodity shortages, more expensive conditions, accidents, acts of terrorism, civil or military disturbances, nuclear or natural catastrophes and similar – all beyond our control, which we reasonably could not foresee, and affecting entered agreements and commitments from us, shall exclude us from fulfilling these made or signed agreements.