Sunset Balcony

To get a great view and more sun at your house or cottage is beautiful and increases quality of life. 

Your view might be hidden by other houses, hills, bushes, or trees? With Sunset Balcony your desire for more sun and free views can come true.

Vi har tagit fram en revolutionerande höj- och sänkbar utsiktsterrass som inte kräver något bygglov, är portabel, och smälter in i trädgården.

Areas of use

With the Sunset Balcony your desire for better view and more sunshine will become true. On the balcony you can enjoy a quite dinner or a sundowner drink with friends or sunbathing in complete privacy in the included hammock.

In a quick and easy way, you can as an event organizer offer people in wheel chairs to get at least the same view as others at a concert or event (the balcony is handicap adapted).

Sunset Balcony is also perfect as a VIP-terrace for those who are ready to pay for the best view.

Our terrace is also perfect as a hunting tower to scout for game. Sunset Balcony is portable on wheels after the car or on a trailer to the safari, bird watching or hunting areas.

To sleep under the sky with the stars lightening the sky is magical. Even more fantastic since it is enjoyed 8 meters (26 ft) up in the air. Our terrace takes your glamping experience takes you to new heights.

Few things beats nice dinners with good friend’s summer evenings. Our terrace enhances the experience and prolongs a wonderful evening sunlight.

A band, orchestra or singer who plays 8 meters (26 ft) up in the air on you garden party?

Or for a commentator during a golf tournament.

Give your restaurant or bar guests something unique – a magical view and experience beyond their fantasy.

People are so attracted to the sun and a beautiful view. Rent or by our terrace to get the sunniest outdoor restaurant in town.

Take your advertising to new heights and put banners up on top of the terrace. Or you can use our terrace as a stand on an exhibition - to be better exposed than you competitors.

Or why not placing it on the side of a road – difficult to miss when showed 8 meter up (26 ft).

It is becoming more and more common to have gated communities worldwide to increase security.

To use our terrace as a watch tower is very effective to discover threats and reduces the number of watchmen.

Facts and figures

The elevating terrace we developed is called Sunset Balcony and takes you 8 meters high (26 ft). The platform measures 2 x 3 meters (6.5 x 10 ft) and can carry 7 people including furniture etc. (665 kg or 1.468 lb).

Sunset Balcony is especially designed to fit in a garden and can be place freely or aside a house or outdoor deck. To place in a garden does usually not require any permits or have any restrictions (it is moveable on wheel, fairly small and is usually not up). Sunset Balcony is very safe and approved by EU regulations and CE certified.

More hours in the sun

Our elevating terrace takes you way up high so you can enjoy the sun more and longer.

Higher quality of life

Beautiful views and more sun makes people happier with higher quality of life. Experience our elevating terrace and enjoy the view.

Better view

Our elevating terrace lets you come up above other houses, trees or bushes hiding your view.

What our customers say about us

More benefits with Sunset Balcony

Sunset Balcony is very easy to use. One button for going up and one for going down. A 12 volts USB connection for speakers, charging your phone or for a mini fridge is mounted on the balcony.

Fence and furniture are included as well as a Galtz large foldable parasol as well as stairs. As extras you can choose a solar cell package for charging Sunset Balcony’s batteries. 

Included is also wind- and height meters that helps you to check the height and wind so you can feel safe even if the wind would increase.

On the balcony you can sunbathe in complete privacy up and away from others. Or maybe you just want to enjoy life in the included hammock, have dinner with friends or have a coffee or drink with friends.

Check your potential view with a camera drone

Are you curious of what view potential your garden could have? 

We can come to your house or cottage to make a film of your potential view – if nearby us even without cost. We can offer camera drone filming 10 meters up in 360-degress from you plot.

Please contact us for more information on camera drone filming

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